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If you have a kid who loves to play with blocks or their mechanix sets then the Robotics Starter Kit is the perfect way to upgrade their skill and kickstart their journey in robotics. Kids as young as eight years old can start making robots using metal parts, motors and sensors; and experience the joy of building things with hands that is inherent in young kids. And while they are having fun doing that - they also start learning the basics of mechanical designs and logical skills paving a strong foundation to learn advanced robotics.

The kit includes over 35 components - including metal parts, motors and sensors - that can be used to make 100+ projects including race cars, obstacle avoiders, boom barrier and clap-fan.

Robotics is revolutionizing modern machines and bringing efficiency and accuracy to our industries with automation. It has brought marvelous innovations like drones and robotic vacuum cleaners in our lives and will change the way we live in the future through machines that can do all our house chores. In that scenario - the Robotics Starter Kit is the perfect way to inculcate and learn the skills of robotics required to make this better tomorrow.
  • Included components : 35+ parts including metal parts, motors, wheels, sensors, gears, nuts & bolts, allen key, cables, manual & brain, Ages : 8 years and above
  • Make over 100+ robots. Learn the basics of robotics with mechanical design, problem solving and logic-building. These skills also form the fundamentals essential for kids to learn coding and programming.
  • Most popular robotics kit used by over 200,000+ students across 1500+ schools in 15+ countries
  • Free video tutorials with detailed instructions to make autonomous robots using the kit
  • Access to an active worldwide community of young innovators - attend monthly webinars and participate in monthly competitions

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